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A Mental Health Expert Weighs In

Best Selling Author and Mental Health Expert Publishes Fourth Book to Support Americans’ Ability to Maintain their Sanity in a World of Misconceptions and Panic

BOCA RATON, Fla., Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Michael Adamse, best-selling author and mental health expert for over 40 years, is pleased to announce that he has published his fourth book entitled “Make America Sane Again – A Mental Health Expert Weighs In.

his highly engaging book is a critically needed, refreshing out-of-the-box look into the profound psychological issues facing individuals in contemporary America. Written in a practical and conversational style, Dr. Adamse shares his extensive expertise in helping the reader understand the underlying causes of our mental health crisis in the United States while offering sound solutions that emphasize personal responsibility.

“I think we should be aware and concerned about America’s mental health, but not panicked,” Adamse added. “Panic undermines rational thinking and simplifies complex issues into a primitive state of fear. The path forward is clear if we intelligently learn to manage the influences that distract us. What we need right now more than anything is an “all hands on deck” approach where each individual does their part to reclaim and promote the values, healthy attitudes, and relationships we seek to help restore America to its greatness.”

The book has already garnered five-star reviews and has created feedback from readers ranging from “a must read for all Americans” to “a refreshing, easy to read, common sense template for navigating the new normal in today’s America.” Many readers have come away with gratitude for the future of their own mental health and that of our country. In addition, international representational rights were recently acquired.

About the Author

Dr. Michael Adamse specializes in relationship issues and has practiced for over 40 years. He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Miami after completing a pre-doctoral fellowship at Yale University. He also served as a Captain in the Medical Corps, U.S. Army Reserve. He has extensive media experience and is known for his engaging style. Dr. Adamse hosted an NPR program, has participated in over 300 media interviews across all platforms dealing with a broad range of psychological issues and is available to speak on a wide variety of topics.

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